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New generation communication between BUSINESS and CUSTOMERS. Get your   FREE  pre-made avatar in three easy steps!


I’ SELLER™ the latest product we have added to our software. Thanks to this improvement we have made, you can now sell your products or services with ease. It’s super easy in just a few steps.

* Create an account in Avatar Crafting Center.
* Create a  video of up to 2 minutes about the products or services you offer.
* Select one of the 8 integration we offer. ( We offer a multi-integration option also )
* Share your sale video in three different ways.
Static, Dynamic and Offline.
For more information see the video.

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Avatars with integrations


Dynamic Avatars


Static Avatars

As easy as counting …

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you can find frequently asked questions that we have answered as clearly and comprehensively as possible. If you have other questions, you can contact us at the email below.

How much the avatar cost?

We offer a package of 5 avatars at a price of € 25 per month. There are two types of avatars at this price.

Custom: Paid

The price is calculated according to the order. Choose an avatar of over 80 people. You choose what to say. Changing the language Ability to shoot an actor and make him an avatar. Avatar with a chatbot.

Pre-made: Free

You get 5 free avatars. You can choose from over 20 pre-made avatars in Bulgarian, and over 30 avatars in English.  These are pre-made avatars according to a niche or business. You get access to over 130 avatars. Handy dashboard for work and choice of integration according to your needs.

Can I have in same monthly price of €25 custom & premade avatar?

Yes, you can have both types of avatars. The difference is in the price of the avatars themselves.

If you choose to have custom avatars you will have to pay the bill cost of such avatars plus a monthly fee of € 25.

If you use pre-made avatars it’s FREE. Only the monthly fee of € 25 is payable.

Can I use the 5 free avatars on different sites?

Yes of course. Apart from different sites, they can also be on different pages. For example, a welcome avatar on the home page.
Another avatar to collect an email list, third party send to contacts etcetera.
All avatars have two functions.
Static and dynamic.
Static avatars stand on the site on different pages and play a role.
Dynamic avatars can be shared on social media and offline, such as business cards, flyers, promotional materials and much more with the help of a QR code that you will find in the avatar sharing field.

Can I have more than 5 avatars?

NO, you can’t have more than 5 avatars. If you are a developer or corporation business, we can create an appointment and discuss collaboration.

What are the benefits of an avatar?

Avatars are a new generation of interaction between merchants and customers. The benefits of having an avatar on the site are many. Grabbing attention, conveying the right message and encouraging action is the most important element in the process when the avatar is active.
You can direct users to a free voucher, sales page, contacts and much more. As you know email marketing is mandatory in the online space. Avatars also perform this function flawlessly, being able to collect an email list, send you an email every time you have a new subscriber, and at the same time send a gift to the subscriber’s email. Isn’t it exciting? They can also be integrated with a chatbot to receive or give information to your customers. The possibilities and benefits are many.

What functions does the avatar perform?

Avatars are a new generation of communication between merchants and customers. With the elegant presentation of a business or niche. The attractive message to the customer with the help of the integrations we have made distinguishes them with unique functionality from any other application. Avatars can be integrated with
Email list
Sales pages
They can refer to booking, seminars, payments and many other options.

How does the avatar work?

Easy 🙂 Once you have created your avatar or sell video ( I’ Seller ) with the integration you need, you will be redirected to a page with the types of shares of the avatar itself. Types of sharing:

(static) With this code, you can install (embed) the avatar on your website. You can install it centrally in the header and display it on all pages on the site or individually on a specific page. It depends on your preferences and the function that the avatar performs.

Sharing link:
(dynamic) The sharing link gives the avatar a lot of power. Even if you don’t have a website, you can share your avatar anywhere in the social space. One avatar with one mission in two or three places at once.

QR code:
Thanks to the QR code the avatar can be offline. We should not underestimate offline marketing. This allows you to print the code on paper, such as business cards, banners, flyers, posters, cards and more. Imagine you have a business card with a QR code of an avatar that represents your business and a direct connection with you. After the client scans the code, the avatar will appear and will transmit the exact message that was given to him with the ability to act. Even if you don’t have time to explain your business, services or products. The client can always scan and get detailed information and engagement with the avatar. This gives people a sense of security that you are using the latest interoperability technologies and investing in your business.